Risk Propagation Assessment For Network Security. Application To Airport Communication Network Design

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The focus of this book is risk assessment methodologies for network architecture design




A Quantitative Network Risk Management Methodology Based on Risk Propagation

About the Authors Mohamed Slim Ben Mahmoud is a research engineer for the research group ResCo at the TELECOM laboratory of ENAC, the French national institution for civil aviation

AeroMACS has been identified as the wireless access network for airport surface communications that will soon be deployed in European and American airports mainly for communications between aircraft and airlines

Aeronautical Network Case Study

Alain Pirovano is a teacher and researcher and head of the research group ResCo at the TELECOM laboratory of ENAC.

Application to Airport Communication Network Design 4

As an implementation case study, the authors consider an aeronautical network based on AeroMACS Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communications System technology

Contents Part 1

Finally, a network case study of the future airport AeroMACS system is presented

In the third part of the book, the authors original quantitative network risk assessment model based on risk propagation is introduced

Introduction to Information System Security Risk Management Process

It is based on the IEEE 802.16-2009 standard, also known as WiMAX

Network Security Risk Assessment 1

Nicolas Larrieu is a teacher and researcher at the research group ResCo at the TELECOM laboratory of ENAC

Part 2

System Security Risk Management Background

The AeroMACS Communication System in the SESAR Project

The book begins with an introduction to the information system security risk management process, before moving on to present the different risk management methodologies that can be currently used quantitative and qualitative

The main goal is to present and illustrate an innovative risk propagation-based quantitative assessment tool

This example illustrates how the authors quantitative risk assessment proposal can provide help to network security designers for the decision-making process and how the security of the entire network may thus be improved

This original approach aims to help network designers and security administrators to design and build more robust and secure network topologies