Retirement Portfolios. Theory, Construction And Management

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Retirement portfolio guidance for finance professionals Retirement is one of the most important parts of the financial planning process

Constructing a retirement portfolio is viewed as a difficult endeavor, and the demands facing financial advisors responsible for this task continue to grow

Examines how portfolios should be prepped in advance so that the transition from working portfolio to retirement portfolio is smooth and seamless Outlines how to create a portfolio that will provide income, continue to generate growth, and protect assets from disaster Details the differences in managing a retirement portfolio versus managing portfolios during asset accumulation years The ability to create retirement portfolios and manage their risks are skills you must possess to be an effective financial advisor

It is imperative that financial advisors be equipped and ready to create appropriate retirement portfolios

Retirement Portfolios will help you develop these essential skills and gain a better understanding of the entire process.

That's why Michael Zwecher-a leading expert on retirement income-has created Retirement Portfolios

The pressures are particularly intense due to events such as the financial crisis and oncoming rush of retiring baby boomers

Yet only two percent of financial advisors describe themselves as competent in retirement planning